Super CHARGE your tour with our unique virtual tour and lead capture software designed specifically for Retirement Communities


Supported by a Matterport™ scan, and powered by the people at (Canada’s Largest Senior Housing Database), Matter3DPRO utilizes an understanding of the Senior Housing market and virtual tour technology to bring Retirement Communities to the next level – get back on track by touring, capturing and converting leads in one powerful asset…combine it with the marketing programs… and become a leader in the sector!

A Matterport™ virtual tour offers consumers the ability to experience your community like never before…ADD the Matter3DPRO overlay software and put the power back in the hands of your sales team! It’s like having a salesperson available 24/7!

Increase occupancy

Increase occupancy

It’s all about your occupancy rate. You need every tool available in order to compete, and the Matter3DPRO program delivers the most modern visual experience, short of a site visit, working for you 24/7

Answer Questions

Answer Questions before they are asked!

Empowering families to experience your community on their ‘time’, allows them to explore and imagine what improved quality of life may look like. By viewing the many nuances, they are able to answer many of their own questions simply by touring at their own pace and viewing your assets that are important to them.

Shorten your Sales Cycle

Shorten your Sales Cycle

As families visit and re-visit your tour, they become more comfortable with what they see and experience, leading to a more qualified lead. By having this technology, your community ‘virtually’ has an in-home salesperson working 24/7

Enhance your Community’s Brand

Enhance your Community’s Brand

Your community can share their tour within social media, websites and other promotional opportunities.

Make it Feel like Home

Make it Feel like Home

The more you experience something, the more familiar it becomes. Families are inclined to visit and revisit your Matter3DPRO Tour. Building on their experience of your community – it will become more like home, all within the comfort and safety of their current home.


Not all Matterport™ technicians can deliver the unique needs of the retirement home industry,
nor are they equipped for large scale projects.


Photo stitching technology

Video platform 
non interactive

Interactive 3D scanning

Software overlay

3D Walk through technology

Latest technology

Dollhouse view

Senior housing specialty

Nationwide management

Large scale scanning


Floor plans

Measure tools

Feature tags

Custom tags

Video tags

Room titles

Custom logo

Contact lead form

Background music

Messenger Integration

Video wall integration

Language options

3D Facebook images

Custom URL

Overlay image

Virtual Meet scheduler

Virtual Meet

Annual Hosting


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Let’s think about how your visitors interact with your website and social media accounts.

You spend money on marketing: You create a website, set up social media platforms, put ads in newspapers and magazines, pay for online marketing, offer FREE lunch, and host open houses and special events.

Today’s consumers are sophisticated ‘researchers’; most searches begin online and the need to be ‘found’ is key, but what do you deliver in return for being found? If you are still offering a simple website with a few still photos or a YouTube video, you are most definitely missing a significant opportunity! Let’s take it one step further – you have a Matterport™ Virtual Tour – awesome! How are you to gather visitor information, or communicate with the visitor? Can you collect any analytics for further performance? Unfortunately, as great as Matterport™ technology is, the product is not meant to promote your brand, offer lead generation, or gather information. In fact, their logo is predominately displayed.

You need to give your visitors every chance there is to communicate with your sales team, and you need to give your sales team every opportunity to begin the relationship that leads to move ins!

Our unique Virtual Meet program provides an opportunity for the sales team to host a video conference WITHIN the virtual tour! That’s right, no more walking around with your smartphone, emailing links of photos or floorplans, trying to download video conferencing software, or being restricted by health regulations impacting visiting opportunities. Now you can gather potential client information, host video conferencing, and view key analytics, all designed to SUPERCHARGE your virtual tour investment. Let them know you’re Open For Business!

Why does Matter3DPROS’
overlay program work?

COVID-19 has changed the way many companies do business. The use of technology has allowed business to communicate with customers via online sources like never before – a new virtual world, and one can surmise from the customers comfort level, that virtual communication is here to stay. In fact, each generation becomes more in tune with technology despite the aging population retirement communities serve.  Our Matter3DPRO software allows retirement communities an opportunity to continue to to ‘tell their story’, while gathering lead information using the latest in touring technology.
Matter3DPRO is the only overlay technology specifically integrated for the Matterport™ platform and designed for the senior housing market in Canada and the U.S.

Congratulations on deciding to purchase a Matterport™ 3D virtual tour…

Your Matterport™ tour is not designed to engage your visitors beyond the tour!
Deliver a more user-friendly experience AND measure the results, with the ONLY senior housing overlay software!

How do we do it?

We transfer the Matterport™ file (created by us or provided by you) and we merge it into our unique software program where we can now add the options you have selected. Once complete, we host the file and return to you the new link for integration on your website, marketing, and social media.  To make it easier to understand, have a look at these two videos demonstrating a few of the options, AND the Virtual Meet integration.

Tour with options

Tour with Virtual Meet hosting

When it’s this good…show it OFF!



Individual Imager

Residential Real Estate

Multiple technicians

Canada wide service

Large scale projects

Specific for Retirement Living

Overlay software

Dedicated overlay programmers



Sourcing of stagers

Training on how to use your tour

Markeing opportunities on

Tour analytics


Advance analytics

What happens if my property needs staging?

We have partnered with the best in both Scanning technicians and virtual stagers who exclusively work with the Matterport™ technology to bring you a one stop shop in the development, and delivery of your Matterport™ virtual tours.

Many residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial tour options are often challenged by not wanting to have their current furnished spaces featured with dated, worn or cluttered spaces. Up till now, users had 2 choices – either physically stage the space or show it as-is. Traditional staging can be expensive and includes designers, rental fees, and the time invested to stage. With our Matter3DPRO virtual staging options, we can transform your empty spaces to look modern, welcoming and inviting at a fraction of the cost of traditional staging.

Let’s kick it up a notch!

For touring options of older/dated spaces or spaces that have previously been scanned, we can gain access to the tour and offer to ‘remove’ items currently shown and replace them with staged items. In some cases we can also change flooring and wall colors. Conditions apply!

Try it now!